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Thank you for visiting our website. What comes to your mind when you hear about the development of the African region? It may be ODA (Official Development Assistance) or assistance or investment made by international organizations to developing countries. In fact, until a while ago, such efforts were the mainstream, but we have seen the policy that Japanese government has been actively trying to support the expansion of private companies into Africa by business with the efforts in the African region announced at TICAD 5 in 2013
 As one of the efforts, I think ABE Initiative “Master’s Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth” has played a major role in connecting private companies and African human resources, including our company.

I Planning LLC began to focus on Africa as a business destination in 2012, it was Ghana of West Africa. Since then, I have traveled to Ghana and exchanged almost every year and I came to realize that there are many things that Japan can do, such as technology transfer and provision of resources for the development of this country. In March 2015, we started consulting services between Ghana and Japan, and in June 2016 we expanded services including between other African countries and Japan.

Currently, we have local counterparts who work together in more than 10 African countries and engage in the local works. Most of them have experienced living in Japan with taking Japan’s scholarships including participation in the ABE Initiative and completed the graduate school in Japanese universities, and have an understanding of Japanese culture and business practices.

In international business, there are various “walls” that are different from domestic business, such as languages, culture, business customs, religion, and national character. If Japanese companies want to supply products and services in Africa, those need to be customized for Africa, and if African companies want to supply products in Japan, those need to be customized for Japan. In addition, you need partners to sell the products. We are not just a language interpreter, but by understanding the differences between the backgrounds of both sides and helping to alleviate and eliminate possible misunderstandings and friction between both sides. We will help you to carry out Africa Japan business relations smoothly.

If you are interested in doing business with Japan or want to develop a market in Japan, please contact us for any small matters. We will make attentive services for you.

I Planning LLC
CEO  Ai Sasaki

AKUACARE Shea Butter

Change society by shopping!
Shea butter and women’s empowerment

Shea butter is made from the seeds of shea fruits (shea nuts) that grow in the arid savanna region of West Africa and East Africa. It is mainly used in cooking oils and skin care in Africa, but in Europe and the United States, it is one of the most commonly used organic ingredients in cosmetics such as lotions, moisturizers and raw butter.
Generally, shea trees grow wild. And in harvesting, rural women collect the shea fruits from the trees in the bush and around their area during farm work. Shea tree is respected locally as a sacred tree, only women are able to touch the trees; harvest fruits and produce shea butter.

AKUACARE shea butter is produced by women in northern Ghana. Processing harvested shea nuts takes a great efforts and time, and the Ghanaian women use traditional methods to produce almost the entire process by hand.
How wonderful it would be if you could think that when you buy shea butter for selfcare, you can give dreams and hopes to the society and women ahead, encourage them, support their independence and we help each other!

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