International Cooperation

Change people’s lives around the world through the supply of Clean Water

I Planning LLC has been engaged in international cooperation activities in Africa since 2018. As a Yamaha Motor’s consultant, we are supporting coordination of water supply projects using Yamaha Clean Water Supply System into ODA and CSR activities of private companies and organizations in areas where safe drinking water is not accessible in Africa. Currently (2022) supporting activity area is 10 countries. We cooperate with local counterparts in each country to find candidate sites for projects and organizations as project applicants, conduct field surveys, and provide various supports until completion of the project coordination and installation of the equipment.

Water supply projects have been carried out by various institutions and organizations for a long time as one of the support activities for villages in developing countries, but the results are not always good. Immediately after the water supply equipment is installed, it seems that the problem has been solved temporarily, but after a few years, the equipment may not be used anymore because of insufficient of regular maintenance, repairs cannot be done after the breakdown or there is a problem with water quality, etc.
Goal 6 of the SDGs is an important development goal as “Clean Water and Sanitation”. We aim for this goal, but in order to make water supply projects we implement to be sustainable for the beneficiaries (villages), they have to organize a water committee in the village, and do regular maintenance of the equipment. They have to sell water and save in case of parts replacement or breakdown. In coordinating a water supply project, we have a meeting with the village at the time of the field survey and talk about the role of the water committee, the importance of water sales (business), and confirm the village’s commitment and enthusiasm. Even if the candidate project site meets the technical requirements, a sustainable project may not be achieved without creating the village’s ownership of the project. It is preferable that non-profit organizations (NGOs, local governments, etc.) who apply for the project should guide the village to create ownership and conduct regular external audits of the water committee.

Usually, it takes about 3 years from the survey of one project site until installation of the equipment. Many of the places we survey as candidate project sites have some connection with Japan such as home villages of those who studied in Japan, home villages of those who live in Japan currently, and villages where local Japanese companies are involved, and places we visited for before. We are very happy about those project sites. Of course, there are places where it is the first time to have a relationship with Japan. However, the most important thing is there is a problem with water and there is an urgent request for clean water, then, we reach to a consultation. In the future, we wish the number of successful models will increase more and water supply projects by Yamaha Clean Water Supply System will be further expanded to the world by mouth to mouth by local experienced people and hope the people’s lives change through the supply of clean drinking water. We will continue contribution for further deepening the relationship between Africa and Japan through our activities.

Details of Yamaha Clean Water Supply System

・25/10/2022 Seka Kagwa Water Supply Project, Homabay County, Kisumu Province, Kenya (Post of Embassy of Japan, Kenya)