• (1) Support for market development in Japan
  • (2) Business matching between Africa and Japan
  • (3) Trade between Africa and Japan
  • (4) Survey work related to the above
  • (5) Translation and interpretation (Japanese-English) (English-French)

Why should you look at Japan?

Japan is a center of civilization in the world. Japan is mostly influenced by Chinese civilization and Western civilization. But looking at the traces of the development of Japanese culture, it was influenced by foreign cultures in any ages. This shows that the Japanese nation is quick to absorb foreign cultures and is excellent with a great capacity. One of the characteristics of Japanese culture is to absorb foreign culture, understand it, adapt it to Japan and make it her own culture. This characteristic has made a small country, Japan, a great industrialized country.
For most Africans, Japan may be seen as remote, geographically and culturally. But we hope Japan could be a destination for Africans.

The book about Japan “Relative Obscurity Global Significance” is written for Africans and the developing world. Jerry Y. Agyemang, a Ghanaian author of this book, tells in the preface “Following my dream to help demystify this Eastern “enigmatic” nation and share its “secrets of success” with the world, I decided to head East…………a wedge this book seeks to bridge.”
He describes frankly that what Africans can learn from Japan, what Japan should improve to attract more foreigners and potential for academic, scientific and business cooperation between Africa and Japan.
We hope this book supplies you lack of knowledge and understanding of Japan.

We will assist you to carry out Africa Japan business relation smoothly.

Demographics of Africans in Japan (Reference)

Countries with our business partners

  • Ghana / Japan & Accra, Takoradi
  • Kenya / Nairobi
  • Tanzania / Dar es Salaam
  • Togo / Lomé
  • Cote d’Ivoire / Abidjan
  • Benin / Japan & Cotonou
  • Burkina Faso / Bobo-Dioulasso
  • Liberia / Monrovia
  • Guinea / Japan & Conakry
  • Senegal (Concurrently with the Gambia)
  • The Gambia / Banjul
  • Cameroon / Yaoundé
  • Uganda / Entebbe

(13 countries in April 2023)