Corporate NameI Planning LLC
Address201 Famille-T 3-20-67 Kameyama Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 731-0231 Japan
TEL+81(0) 82-881-2585
Incorporated Date4 January, 2012
RepresentativeAi Sasaki
Business Purpose1. Africa Business Consulting
2. Consulting and sales of life insurance
3. Marriage matchmaking service
4. Products Sales
5. All business relating to the previous mentioned business

Company History

April 2011 Founded I Planning with Financial Planning and Marriage Matchmaking Service
January 2012Incorporated I Planning LLC
August 2014 Started Life Insurance Agency
March 2015 Started Africa Business Consulting
January 2018Started coordinating support of water supply projects by using Yamaha Clean Water Supply System in Africa Region as a consultant of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
February 2022 Released the first cosmetic “AKUA SHEA BUTTER” by the original brand AKUACARE

Representative Profile

1965 – 1984 Born and grew up in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Kamo High School
1984 – 1992Worked as a NCT machine tool programmer in the steel manufacturing industry.
1999 – 2002
2002 – 2011 Worked as a Financial Planner at two life insurance companies (Sumitomo Life, AIG Star Life). Her specialty is insurance planning and asset management in life planning. Through her experiences at the life insurance companies, she recognized the importance of relation of long-term happy marriage and money. In April 2011, she became independent and started FP consulting and marriage matchmaking service.
January 2012 Incorporated I Planning LLC.
She was attracted by Ghana of West Africa
2015 – Started a consulting service to become a bridge between the two countries in 2015. With the opportunity to register to ABE Initiative as a company, she has expanded her network in Africa to this day.


2nd grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning (National Qualification)
Affiliated Financial Planner (Japan Association for Financial Planners)
Total Life Consultant (The Life Insurance Association of Japan)

With women and children in Wawasi village, Ghana in 2013

With a single mother’s child in Wawasi village, Ghana in 2013