Strive Toward the Bridge Africa and Asia

To African enterprises and governments having interests in doing business with Japan

First time I Planning LLC met Africa was in 2012. In next year of 2013, Japan government held TICAD5 (Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development) in Yokohama and announced the support policy of $32 billion on Africa development by public private scheme. This policy has motivated us and pushed to have relationship with Africa more deeply. The first country was Ghana. Now we have some reliable partnerships with Ghana and has started work together in March, 2015. We will extend our business to other African countries gradually.

Ai Sasaki

Our original work is customized business matching which connects somebody and somebody and produce benefits between the parties. First reason of using agent is that in case of you cannot find your business partner by yourself. However there is another big reason in international business.
There are many differences (languages, culture, business practices, laws, religions, foods, etc.) among countries and we have to come to terms peacefully.
We think our role is very important to advance businesses between Africa and Asia.
We would like to contribute to economic growth and improvement of people’s life for each country.

I Planning LLC.
CEO Ai Sasaki

Our Policy - Bases for starting reliable business

1. Background check of business partner companies

It is hard to know foreign companies' status. So usually many documents as evidence are required. We require those documents to both companies.
(This process is checked by local partner agents)

2. Existence of website

It is hard to visit and talk face to face immediately on far distance business. If we can see business
outline and current activities on its website even if it is not supported in foreign languages, peace of mind for business would increase.

3. Keep a communication rule

Keep a communication rule until agreement will be conclude between both parties when you use an agent. It means not to communicate directly to potential partner without your agent. Differences of languages and culture affect a difference in values more than you think.
Besides it causes a breakdown of relationship with your agent. It is possible to happen when local agents work together in each side too. We agents don’t contact directly to other side clients over their local agent.

Above three points are what we have learned through our experiences. Background check and existence of website are standard matters but keeping a communication rule affects human trust and causes more stress on the deal. We would like us to do reliable business together.